Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)

Digital Mobile Radio

Since February 11th 2014, I'm also QRV via Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). Though lots of information had to be read before being able to configure the new Hytera MD-785G transceiver, I managed to make my first DMR contact within a few days after the unboxing process.

The DMR/Radio ID I got after registration is 2064002 (base, mobile and portable). I hope to meet you via the DMR network soon !

DSCF0003  DSCF0002

Unpacking the received boxes was really fun, especially because of the additional help I got from the 2nd operator Amy. She's a nosy type the little thing 😉

DSCF0004  DSCF0006

Everything was well-wrapped and the content included some party stuff (left)   –   the Hytera MD-785G and the additional SM19A1 DTMF microphone still boxed (right)

DSCF0007  DSCF0009

A first glimpse of the front and back of the compact transceiver. The enclosure resembles the durability and firmness applied by Motorola !

DSCF0013  DSCF0012

Parts included in the MD-785G package (left)   –   the optional SM-19A1 DTMF microphone (right)

DSCF0017  DSCF0019

"take a look at me now …"   –   it looks great, doesn't it ?


… and a few months later, this great Hytera PD-785G joined my DMR family.