Projects & Experiments

Summary of the the projects and experiments :

160 – 10m Antenna Experiment (February 2018)

In January and February 2018 a new experimental (doublet) antenna was being built for 160 – 10m. I managed to get it live before the PACC 2018 started.

160 Meter Antenna Experiment (February 2017)

During the CQ WW 160 meter (SSB) Contest in February 2017, I did some experiments with the HyEndFed 160m monoband antenna.

SDRplay RSP – SDR Receiver (February 2015)

SDR : what an adventure ! The progressive SDR developments, will change the present HAM experiences forever.

2m/70cm Yagi (February 2012)

After using a 3 elements HB9CV for 2m (in a vertical position) for the last 7 years, I decided to build a new antenna which would enable me to work more DX-stations on this special band.

VK5JST Aerial Analyser (April 2010)

Building and experimenting with antenna systems is one of my biggest interests. Using measuring equipment could be helpful and because I had no appropriate 'gear', I searched the Internet and quickly found a very nice antenna analyser Down Under.